Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My microwave would never betray me like this

Okay, I know it's already Wednesday, but the last few days have been a little hectic. The surgery went fine, and Abby was such a brave little thing. Monday and Monday evening went really well. Tuesday and today have been quite tough. Nothing unusual, it just hurts, and that makes her mad. I get it. Makes me mad for her. We're REALLY hoping tomorrow will be better. While she feels this way, she requires me to be within arms' reach of her at all times. I don't mind most of the time, but eventually I'm going to have to shower.

Not helping things is the fact that after 10 years, our refrigerator chose Monday to quit working. Really? Really?? Right when ice cream has never been more important. Matt scheduled a repairman to come tomorrow, so he'll no doubt show up at the worst possible time.

At least it was Idol night! Abby watched some with me, and even squeezed a vote in for Kris. That's my girl! Kris, Danny and Adam are my top 3. Adam was the BOMB tonight. No screaming! Love that guy. What did you think?

Abby seems to think that her post-surgery status entitles her to a stream of visitors, so if you live nearby and feel up to pouring pity and attention on a tonsil-less 6-year old, come on by. Maybe while you're visiting with her I can take a shower!


LindaM said...

wish I was up there, and I'd love to stay with her while you take a shower. Mom is on her way, so when she gets there this morning, jump in! Hope the fridge gets repaired too! We have the same top 3 picked on Idol. I hope Kris steels it away from the other guys!

Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear Abby's surgery went well. Hopefully she'll be over her discomfort soon!

Adam impressed me last night. I really liked his version of the song. Danny was great too. I'm hoping Megan gets the boot tonight. She bugs me how she sings, like she never changes notes and sings flatly. Looks like odds are that a guy will win this year.

Somehow refrigerators just KNOW when you need them most and choose those moments to break down. We had to buy a new fridge this last November; it broke down the Saturday before Thanksgiving!! That one was only about 6 years old too :P

Patty said...

I missed Idol, but saw a few clips. I didn't even recognize Adam. I still don't know who was booted off!

Tell Abby hello from all of us! I hope she enjoyed talking to Jake last night.

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