Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You'll have a moment, and you'll like it!

I do this thing. When I have this quiet moment with Abby, I try to turn it into a "moment." You know, one of those small simple things that don't seem life-altering at the time but that will be a bedrock memory in her brain. When her future husband asks her about her childhood, she won't talk about the thirty seven times a day I yell at her to hurry up, but about the sweet, meaningful moments we shared. In these moments, I'll impart priceless wisdom and affection while the breeze blows gently and God smiles down on me for being such a good mommy.

Somehow, it doesn't usually seem to work out that way.

Take tonight for example. We jumped on the trampoline, and then laid side by side as the sun set and watched the clouds go by. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Look at those clouds--aren't they beautiful?
Abby: That one looks like a B!
Me: It sure does. Just look at how big the sky is. And imagine--God make this whole world all by himself. He's that big! And we get to live here and see it all.
Abby: OH!
Me: What?
Her: Now it looks like a pig.
Me: Okay, then.
Abby: Can we jump some more?
Me: Why don't we just talk some more?
Abby: I'm getting down.

Fine, thwart my attempt to give you an idyllic childhood.

Lest you think that Abby's just too much of a little kid to think grown up thoughts, let me also recount for you the conversation we had at bedtime. I had just told her that when she gets her tonsils out next week, she will get to take a stuffed animal with her. She has about 8 that she sleeps with regularly.

Abby: Why only one?
Me: I don't know, that's just the rule.
Abby: How am I supposed to choose which one to take?
Me: Maybe you should talk to them about it, and ask them who wants to go.
Abby: Mom. They don't talk.
Me: Well, maybe they'll talk to you!
Abby: Um, no. (Turns to animals) Hey guys, who wants to go with me? (Waits.) Guys? (Waits.) Anybody? (To me) Told you.

Can't think where she gets that attitude.


Alice said...

Too cute! I have decided that those "moments" can't be forced (as much as I would like to have FULL control of them). We just have to take advantage of the moments that we DO get.

Parenting is just tough sometimes. I would prefer to have the FUN or "Moment" days everyday but they would obviously learn NOTHING about the real world that way.

LindaM said...

Oh, she is your daughter! I remember trying the same thing with you when you were little - I'd take you down to the lake (you never had a trampoline!) with a blanket,cookies and a stack of books- I would want to talk, watch the clouds, eat cookies - you would humor me for a little while, then when you could wait no longer, you would say, Linda, can you just read me a book! or better yet, you hush, and I'll read you the story! After all, you were the only 5 year old in the neighborhood who could read the whole story of The Monster at The End of the Book-(and many other books, along with teaching piano, bossing all your friends, pretty much running the passell of buddies you hung with!)we had some fun- and even at 5 years old, you put me in my place with what was important to you! Some things NEVER change! Again, I say, she is your daughter! Enjoy every minute you have with both of them! You are blessed just as I was and still am in the form of grandchildren and great-nieces and great-nephews!

Sarah said...

I love it. I cannot wait for those days.