Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They have to do it, but I don't have to like it

Thank goodness, the inevitable but nonetheless dreaded Country Night on Idol is now behind us. They've gotten better with giving contestants a larger choice of songs, but it's still painful. I'm tired, so here is a very brief rundown:

- Love Kris. Loved that the judges loved Kris. Wish he wouldn't do that odd thing with his mouth, but love him. Already voting.

- Love Danny. He's just so cute!

- Liked Adam, even though I can see how most people didn't. I know he's beyond weird, but his vocal ability is really extraordinary. Plus, he's fun. In that weird kind of way.

- Megan is way tougher than I ever plan to be. Did you hear that hacking? Ick.

- Matt is growing on me.

- Cara is SO great as a judge, and makes Paula look all the worse.

Your thoughts?


Melanie said...

Adam is a good singer...no question there. But he creeps me out...like a cross between Boy George and a Jonas Brother (I'm not down with their first names...another sign of my age!). Danny is a doll. I still like NoopDog, but I know he won't win. He was awfully impressive tonight. It's too late in the evening, and I'm forgetting names...I liked the short haired blonde best of the girls, and I'm afraid the blind guy might be going home soon. Tonight's performance just didn't have much *oomph*. Something about the tatooed blond girl's singing was off-putting somehow, but props for getting out there with the flu. :)

Matt said...

I thought Anoop, Kris, and Matt (in that order) did the best. I was disappointed in Danny and Alexis, but I know they'll make up for this week's mediocrity on next week's show... And Adam - WTF? He needs to go.

LindaM said...

I think Adam did a great injustice to a Classic Song by a Classic Artist- Johnny Cash. Mr. Cash wouldn not be proud of what he did to his song! His voice is really good, but I think he is way too strange- to me he is like a mix of some sort of gothic singer and something else- just not sure what! Kris did amazing- and Danny did great too. Would it not be amazing if it came down the 2 worship leaders!!?? GO KRIS AND DANNY

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