Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time to get serious

Okay, NOW we're talking. After weeks of shenanigans and Tatiana, American Idol is finally to the big leagues. There may be 13 finalists, but to me you can already bet on the final four:

1. Danny. The dude is awesome. Love his personality, love his voice, even love his goofy dancing.
2. Lil. LOVE her. She is so genuine and cute. Plus, those lungs! The only girl I really like.
3.Kris. By far the hottest guy on, plus he's from Conway. Oh yeah, and he can seriously sing and play. Mm-mmm-mmm. Hate it for his wife, cause he's going to have panties thrown on any stage he graces for a while (which could be awkward if he goes back to his church to lead worship any time soon).
4. Adam. Seriously? That voice? It's almost inhuman. I just love watching him perform. Plus he's just so...pretty.

There are some other good folks, but I really think these are the best. A couple of other random notes:

1. When they were showing the Michael Jackson montage at the beginning of the show, Abby asked, "Is that a girl or a boy?" HA.

2. It's freaky the way they use the stage floor as a screen to show the performance--while it's happening. The singers are stepping all over their own faces, which is just plain weird.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think is leaving? I don't really care, as long as it's not any of my four.


Cori said...

Here are the contestants listed in order of how I like them:

1.) Danny - FANTASTIC and I love the tone of his voice (scratchy)...

2.) Adam - I also think he is fun to look at (Matt gets mad). His voice is just unbelievable. WOW!

3.) Matt - I love his soulfulness (word?). When he plays the piano and sings at the same time - WOW!

4.) Allison - I wasn't a huge fan last night, but she is still one of my top 4.

5.) Lil - I love her voice and love it when she sings big songs!

6.) Megan - Her tone is WAY IN and I love it.. It is very Adele!

7.) Alexis - I like her voice, but she still hasn't wowed me...

8.) Michael - He is pretty good... He was great last night!

9.) Kris - Not a huge fan... I don't think he is good looking and I think people from AR are giving him more credit than he deserves.. I may be the only Arkansan not voting for him!

10.) Anoop - He did TERRIBLE last night, but I like him (I think he may go home, though).

11.) Scott - I know he is blind, but stop giving him so much credit.. He isn't as good as the rest...

12.) Jorge - Loved him during the top 36, but last night was just bad... ( I think he will go home)

13.) Jasmine - She is BEAUTIFUL and very pageanty... She did okay last night, but she doesn't compare to the rest.

The Langhams said...

Jarrod and I have the exact same top four, lol. Well, I just have my top 2-- Danny and Adam, but he added Kris and Lil. :)

I totally agree, Adam's voice is almost inhuman! I just stare at him while he sings...which is probably what he is going for.

AMENMom said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention-- the whole anonymous voice announcing the judges, who walk out across the stage at the beginning of t show thing cracked me UP.

Aidan and Zachary said...

I think Matt is way better looking than Adam, but that's just me...Jake

Matt said...

My Top Four are: Danny, Kris, Megan, and Alexis. Adam is, in many ways, my absolute least favorite!!!

Anonymous said...

Here are my top 4.
1.Danny, 2.Kris, 3.Lil, 4.Matt

I am not a fan of Adam, don't much care for screaming! I don't think Scott is that great either. And Megan sounded horrible last night.

I think that Anoop and Alexis will go home tonight!

I thought the way they announced the judges was very corny. I was worried Paula wasn't going to make it across the stage. I am getting tired of the bickering between Paula and Simon. Eight years is long enough, can't they just get a long! :)


Anonymous said...

Ok, here are mine: Kris, of course! How can you not support the home town guy??!! He is quite nice to look at and does have an awsome voice- (if you could see him lead the praise and worship music, the boy can dance and sing!) But more importantly, he has a heart for God, so how can you not want him to win- just think what a testament that he would be to the millions! Danny is next for me- love his voice, (kind of a Rod Stewart sound to me) and his dance experience is still slim, for goodness sake, he is a music minister at a Baptist Church if I'm not mistaken! He will learn- and he has that special heart for God too! I think Adam is too good! I'm thinking he should not even be in this competition- he is that good, and he kind of has a bit a an ELVIS attitude and tone to him! I of course love me some Elvis, so I really like this guy! He is very good! For this being my first season to watch this show, it's very interesting going through the whole process. All the participants go through so much! But they get such exposure-

Melanie said...

I think you're right on the money on your top four. The teen (?)girl with the big voice (can't remember her name...has pink or purple hair i think) might go far too. I like Anoop a lot, but I don't think he'll be on much longer.