Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Crocs rock

Original Post Date: September 29, 2006
Matt and I have always agreed that we would try to strike the perfect balance when educating our children on how to be good consumers. We don’t want our kids to want stuff just because everyone else has it. However, we remember what it was like to be in junior high and be the only one who doesn’t have a Nintendo. So our plan is to teach the children to recognize quality, and to think about WHY they want things—not to just blindly follow the crowd.
Yeah, that’s not going to work.
Last night, I went on a power shopping trip to the mall with my friend Jen. She interviewed today for a job and needed new clothes. I haven’t worn non-maternity winter clothes in two years, and was in need of some new things myself. We stopped by Payless, and I took a look at the kids’ shoes. Abby has ridiculously wide feet (she got it from me, sadly) and so it’s always struggle in non-sandal weather to find her shoes that fit. They had some bright pink imitation Crocs (IC’s), so even though I think they are the goofiest looking shoes in the world, I got them for her since they look pretty wide.
When she woke up this morning, I had not only the IC’s to show her, but also the new pair of tennis shoes that I had ordered her online that had gotten in the day before. They are purple and white and sparkly, with Velcro. When I was a kid, I would have jumped off a roof to get to wear these shoes. I showed the tennis shoes to her first, and she just smiled and said, “Okay, mommy.” That’s all?! Fine, fine. So I said, “Well, I did get you another pair of shoes last night,” and I pull out the IC’s. She lights up and shrieks “CROCS!” and immediately puts them on. I was completely bewildered. I had never shown her Crocs in a store, and neither Matt nor I have ever owned a pair (though I may or many not have bought a pair for myself last night too)(I know I said they look goofy, but those suckers are comfortable!) (And inexpensive, honey).
“Abby, how did you know what kind of shoes these are?” I asked, already fearing the answer. She jumped up and down in her new shoes and said, “Because these are the kind Madison has at school and now we are the same and I love them!” Oy. Why do I have the feeling that tomorrow she’s going to ask for an IPod just like Paige’s?

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