Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Sweetly sings the donkey

Original Post Date: October 9, 2006
To all the haters, I say HA! The Hogs not only beat Auburn on Saturday, but they outplayed them in every sense of the word. (Auburn WAS the #2 team in the nation, in case you didn’t know). Those boys were extraordinary, and I have never been so proud to be a Razorback. True to my sports-genius friend Kevin’s prediction, we are now ranked 17 on the AP poll. Woo Pig!
The rest of my stay in Houston was fairly uneventful. I had a great time with Julie and her family. The highlight of my stay with them was definitely teaching their son Justin to call the Hogs. His dad, Mr. Alabama, handled it very well I thought.
I’m so glad to be home. I think both the kids grew significantly while I was gone. I got Abby a Polly Pockets on my trip, and she was so excited. We went to Target on Saturday to get her a carrying case for it (don’t ask), and as we passed two women who were arguing, both of them said “stupid”, one right after the other. Abby stopped walking, turned around and stared at them, and gasped. “Did you HEAR what they SAID?” I love that Abby thinks the worst thing a person can say is “stupid.”
We also got in a visit to Mr. Bob’s donkey this weekend. Mr. Bob is this wonderful older man that goes to our church and is one of Abby’s Sunday school teachers. He lives right down the road from us, and has a donkey in his yard. The donkey is completely calm and sweet, and loves attention. This spring and summer we visited several times a week and took snacks for Donkey (whose real name is Jackie). We haven’t been by in a few weeks, though, and Mr. Bob told Abby on Sunday that Jackie was lonely. So, off we went. Abby gets Jackie’s attention by singing the Donkey Song at the top of her lungs, and then hee hawing until Jackie ambles over to the fence. It totally makes Abby’s day to hang out with that donkey for 5 minutes.
Finally, I can confirm that Ethan is indeed mobile. It’s not exactly a hands and knees crawl yet, but he can definitely get from point A to under the table in seconds. I looked in the mirror and actually watched new gray hairs sprout. We are in trouble!

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