Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Indy Insanity, Part 2

Original Post Date: October 23, 2006
I am SO over this Indianapolis debacle, but I can’t leave you hanging, now can I? Basically, we showed up in Memphis and were at the mercy of the ticket agents there. After a brief, terrifying moment in which we thought we were being sent to Minneapolis (!) we were indeed put on the 2:20 Memphis flight and arrived in Indy Wednesday evening. Our driver to the hotel was evil and very unsafe, but we made it intact. However, my luggage did not—the schmucks at security broke my suitcase, so I had to buy a new one while we were there. Otherwise the trip went well and Indy is a nice town. I was VERY ready to get back home, though.
Abby is nursing a sore throat, so we’ve got her all drugged up. It’s startling to me how quickly she is growing up. Last time she was sick, she asked if it was time to take her “mecining” yet. Last night, she came up to me in the kitchen and said, “Mommy, is it time for me to take my Children’s Motrin yet?” Are you serious? What three year old talks like that? I’ll tell you—my three year old, that’s who. What a kid!

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