Friday, January 12, 2007

If only it were Christmas all year long

Well, it's over a week into 2007 and I have yet to blog. Shame on me! It's not like I have a baby and a pre-schooler and a full time job and my own company to run or anything.

Things are bumping right along in the AMEN household. Matt got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, so we have been brushing up on our bowling and boxing skills. Ethan is considering walking, but currently prefers crawling on his hands and feet, monkey style. Abby is her usual sassy self.

We finally got all of our inside Christmas decorations put up last night. And by put up I mean stuck in the garage. They'll probably make it back into the attic around Easter. We still have to get the outside lights down, though those are such a pain to put up I'm considering just leaving them up year round. You think anyone would notice?

My new year's resolution is to blog regularly, if for no other reason than to give all my friends something to do while they're at work. I am best motivated by guilt and harrassment, though, so if I slack don't let me get away with it!


Sarah said...

I forgive you for dissing Xanga in favor of blogger... I suppose. At least you're blogging again. Welcome back!

David said...

My New Year's resolution is to get my wife to consider the job opening we have been presented in NWA!!! Work on her, will you?