Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Indi Insanity, Part 1

Origianl Post Date: October 22, 2006
I’m back from what can only be called a bizarre trip to Indianapolis. Because it’s a LONG story, and I know people lose concentration if they have to read for more than 3 minutes, I will have to tell the story in installments. So here’s the saga, part one:
Our flight on Northwest was supposed to leave XNA at 6:40. AM. Which sucks. But what can you do? So I drug myself out of bed at 4 AM, got ready, and went to the airport. There I met my boss, Karen, and two of our advisors, Jeff and Deb. We boarded the plane right on time and had been on for about 10 minutes, when the captain came on the intercom and said, and I quote,” Well, um, everybody, we have a delay. There’s this, um, door, on the, um, well, under the plane, and it won’t, um, shut, so we have to call maintenance. See, every morning, we have to check the planes for—well, maybe I’d better not tell you that part. Anyway, I don’t, um, know how long it’s gonna be.” Oookay.
The flight attendant told us we could get off the plane to talk with the gate agent if we needed to. After an hour, we knew we had missed our connection, so we got off. My friend Gina works at the American counter, and found us a flight on American that could get us in at 3. We stood in line for 20 minutes to get the gate agent—a wiry, buzz-headed, squinty-eyed guy we’ll call Guy—to book us onto American. This whole time people are coming and going on the plane—NO one is paying attention. So much for airport security. Right as we got up to Guy, he announced that the “um, door” was fixed and we were ready to go. “But wait,” I said. We already missed our connection, and American can take us. We just need our bags off the plane. Guy glared at us and said, “This plane REALLY needs to take off.” As if we had snuck down and ripped the door off its hinges ourselves to avoid flying Northwest. (though knowing what I know now, we’d have done it in a heartbeat if we thought it would work). He insisted that he would book us on a flight leaving Memphis at 2:20 so that we would arrive in Indy at 4:50, a mere 5 hours late. He shoved us on the plane, and off we went.
More of the story next time. It’s too much for me to talk about all at once. In other news, though, we went to the game this weekend, and poor Ole Miss didn’t stand a chance. I love being a Hog fan! We met up with our good friends Kevin and Robin, and they told us they are expecting their second baby next May. Kevin is the only person I have ever known to schedule his children’s births around sports seasons, and Robin is the only woman I have ever met that wouldn’t care. They are the perfect pair and great parents, and we are very excited for them. Nothing wrong with populating the world with more Razorbacks!

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