Friday, January 12, 2007

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Original Post Date: October 17, 2006
Mornings are always hectic in the AMEN household, and we can never seem to get out of the house on time. Yesterday, however, we were doing pretty well. Until.
I went to change and dress Ethan, which is the last thing I do every morning because it gives him less time to drool on his shirt/make another dirty diaper. This child, in true boy fashion, poops ALL the time. We’re talking 4, sometimes 5 dirty diapers a day. It’s quite funny, actually—he’ll be playing and then all of a sudden go completely still. Seriously, not a muscle in his body moves for about 2 minutes. Then he grins really big, and you know you have to bust out the baby wipes.
Yesterday morning was a typical poop, which I have changed hundreds of. Ethan is very wiggly, but I have a tried and true method of keeping him secured so he can’t flail. Well, yesterday, the hand I was using to hold his feet slipped, and in a split second he somehow managed to kick poop onto his stomach. He was laying flat on his back, so if you can figure out how he did this, let me know, because I have no idea. At any rate, I now had a squirming, naked baby with poop on his bottom, foot, and tummy. What would any rational mother do? That’s right, scream for her husband. Matt came running, thinking that Ethan had fallen off the changing table. Once he saw what had happened—and quit laughing—he helped me clean up the mess, and then I finished getting E dressed. He wore a little football MVP outfit yesterday, and when I brought him into the living room, Matt smirked and said, “Aw, look—it’s our Most Valuable Pooper.” Indeed.
This will probably be my last entry for a few days—I leave tomorrow for a conference in Indianapolis (!) for three days. I know what you’re thinking—I didn’t realize Matt was a single parent! I’m sure he didn’t realize it was going to happen either. He’s a good sport, though! Also, let me offer my apologies for the significant use of the word “poop” in this entry—there was just no way around it.

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