Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Snow and Darth rocked the house!

Original Post Date: November 1, 2006
It’s been a busy few days in the AMEN house. Ethan was a very sick boy—a trip to the doctor on Monday unveiled severe ear infections in both ears and a raw throat on top of this tummy bug. Poor kid! They gave him two shots of antibiotics, though, and he’s much better now. True to his MVP title, he had a blowout yesterday that required both Matt and me, new clothes for all of us, 4 garbage bags, the kitchen sink, and perhaps a new high chair.
Yesterday was, of course, Halloween. This is the first year Abby has really been into it. She was Snow White, and she wore it well. I got the costume on sale at a toy store for $20. The Snow White costume in the Disney store is like $70. Seriously? If I bought Abby a $70 costume, she would wear it every year, and possibly get married in it.
E was Darth Vader—guess whose idea that was. He was adorable, though he was having none of the hat. We couldn’t get him to breathe funny or anything, but I thought he looked tough all the same.
If you’d like to see some pictures of the adorable AMEN kiddos all decked out, go to and enjoy.
I’d like to send a shout out (that’s my attempt to be cool) to my best friend Mandy and her husband David (the guy who posts on here a lot—thanks, Dave!), who had their third child, Emma, today in Little Rock. Mandy (the rest of the world calls her by her “grown up name,” Amanda, but I refuse, as she was Mandy in 7th grade and shall always be to me) (and at our age, anything that makes us sound more youthful is great) (though when I say “our age” please be aware that Mandy is older than me) has had planned C-sections each time, so for her, going in to have a baby is about as stressful as having her teeth cleaned. I talked to her while she was in recovery about a half hour after Emma arrived and I swear, she sounded like she was on vacation. I was so drugged up right after having Ethan that I pray I was not allowed to speak to anyone. I certainly should not have been granted access to an outside phone line. At any rate, welcome to the world, Emma, and congratulations Mandy and David!

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