Tuesday, January 23, 2007

House of Pain

I'm just posting to let my faithful readers (all 5 of them) know that I am not slacking on my blogging duties without good reason. I started having rough headaches Thursday, and by noon yesterday it was so bad I had to leave work. I went to the doctor, and I have a fever and apparently some nasty virus, so I have been in bed ever since. The real fun part is that Abby has it too, only hers came with the added bonus of throwing up all over her daddy at midnight last night. Yay!

At any rate, I am writing this from Matt's laptop in (you guessed it) my bed, while my fabulous husband takes care of our daughter in the living room. Ironically our son, who has been pretty much constantly sick his whole life, is just ducky today and is at school.

When I feel up to it, I'll be writing a fabulous post on the most fun wedding planner thing I did this past weekend. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you had my life. Well, my life except for this nasty virus bit.


David said...

You probably have at least 6 fans... because both Mandy and I read the blog at different times. And I am the only one who actually replies.

Anonymous said...

David, shame is your name! Your lovely wife just posted a comment the other day.

By the way, looks like we might just be neighbors soon, and if so, you have me to thank!!


David said...

As usual, you are correct. I will owe it to you for convincing Mandy... but I am the one with the promotable talent!! :-)