Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to steal a car

Every day, Matt and I take our two children to day care and pre-school. When we drop them off in the morning and then pick them up in the afternoon, we are always among several other parents doing the same with their children. These are usually fairly intelligent, well dressed people. Most of them drive nice cars, though how they have the money after paying to send their kids to day care I have no idea. At any rate, it never fails that if there are 5 other parents there when I get there, at least 3 leave their cars running while they go in to drop off or pick up their child, regardless of the weather.

I timed it, and it takes me around 3 minutes to go in the building, round up Ethan's stuff, put on his jacket, and get him back out to the car--and that's if I don't chat with his teacher for a minute. In 3 minutes, someone could have my car on the interstate with a new tag on it.

I do NOT understand what these people are thinking! We are talking about Tahoes and BMW's and Acuras, just sitting unlocked and running! In many cases, the moms leave their purses in the front passenger seat. Some even leave ONE OF THEIR OTHER CHILDREN in the car! The ones that really kill me are the ones that take their purse in but leave the child in the car. There's priorities for you.

Now, when it's pouring rain and 15 degrees, or sunny and 90, I can understand somewhat, though I still think it's risky. But it matters not in the least what it's like outside. I truly believe these people just cannot be bothered with turning their cars on and off. These are the same people that will pull their vehicle up within inches of the front door of the school so that they only have to walk 3 or 4 steps to get in. No matter that those of us who park in an actual parking space have to go all the way around their car lugging a baby and a diaper bag. No no, I'm fine, as long as you don't have to exert any effort whatsoever!

Perhaps they think no one would take the chance of stealing their car with all the other parents around. I could tell them that logic is fatally flawed. We other parents are too busy wiping a nose one last time, or picking up the pacifier that fell on the pavement when we opened the door (of COURSE we wash it off...) or pleading with our child to please just leave the pink sparkly high heels in the car and wear her tennis shoes in to school. Someone could steal MY car while I was still IN it and I would barely notice. I have no time to be paying attention to anyone else!

I really think it's going to take someone having their car stolen for parents to wise up. So, if you've been wanting a new car but just don't have the cash, forget mall parking lots or opened garages. Go straight for the day cares--it will be like taking candy from a baby. Extra bonus: cars come equipped with child safety seats and, in some cases, children!


David said...

Well, at least Mandy uses her "valet" key to lock the doors when she leaves one of the children in her running minivan!

Still no news on the NWA job front. Everything else continues to point us in that direction, though.

Anonymous said...

Now I know how I am going to get my next child -- just show up at the daycare centers! I get to steal a new car at the same time! :)


Sarah said...

My mom had a remote-start put on her car so that she can leave her puppy dog in the car with the air conditioning when it's hot. She takes him everywhere so she just leaves him in the running car. ...I just spent several minutes considering whether that's better or worse....

Autumn said...

Take it from someone whose purse was stolen from what I thought was one of the safest places it could be...Trust no one!

Anonymous said...

HOW TRUE IS THAT!!!??? i must confess, though, I have been guilty; however, after one quick glance into the back of my car one might think twice about taking it! it just wouldn't be worth the time it would take to scrape gummy bears, soggy cheerios, and pringles out of the back seat! aaahhh, preschoolers and toddlers, you gotta love 'em! where can you get seat covers, by the way? :)
- wendy