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Archived: Nameless peoples everywhere will thank you

Original Post Date: October 26, 2006

When one is of above average intelligence, one ponders the deeper questions in life. For example. What are people from Vermont called? No, that isn’t a joke. Arkansas residents are Arkansans, people in Florida are Floridians—what are the folks in Vermont called? Vermontites? Vermit? There are several states that don’t have a logical answer.
This is something I have been curious about for some time. Several years ago I decided to do a little investigative work, so I called the University of New Hampshire, figuring that an institute of higher education was a great place to get accurate information. When a girl at the admissions office answered, I explained my quest and asked what her people were called. Without hesitation, she replied, “New Englanders.” “Well, but what word do you use when you want to talk about ONLY people from New Hampshire, and not the rest of New England?” Silence. Then she asked me to hold. She came back after a minute to inform me that no such word exists. Ooookay.
So! If these states aren’t going to name their citizens, then I think you, the faithful readers of my blog, should take a crack at it. Be creative! Here are some less-than-obvious states to consider: Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, North AND South Dakota, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming. Some of these have a clear answer, but just SEEM wrong—could people from New Mexico really be called New Mexicans? We can do better than that!
Incidentally, I can name the states in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds. Not really related, but I had to throw it out there.
On your marks, get set, NAME!

1/8. ReverseWritten by hlrose1, October 27 '2006
Ok, you above average girl. Can you name the states in reverse in 30 seconds or less?
2/8. WOW....Written by JMC1, October 27 '2006
Your thought process scares me!!!
3/8. TitleWritten by SMH1, October 27 '2006
I happen to BE a South Dakotan. I assume that people from North Dakota are, likewise, North Dakotans.
4/8. But Dakotan is so vanilla!Written by Nancy1, October 27 '2006
Wouldn't you rather be Dakotes? Or Dakotites?
5/8. New MexicansWritten by DavidC1, October 27 '2006
Copied from Wikipedia:
"In national politics, New Mexico has given its electoral votes to all but two Presidential election winners since statehood. In these exceptions, New Mexicans supported Republican President Gerald Ford over Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter in 1976, and Democratic Vice President Al Gore over Texas Governor George W. Bush"
I agree that sometimes your thought process and topics of discussion are a little scary! This is fun, though. As for Utah... you are probably safe to just call them Mormons!
6/8. You're starting to worry me.....Written by Melanie0, October 30 '2006
You are the busiest person I know! How do you even have time to think about stuff like this?
And for future reference, just call them "the people of Vermont," " the people of Connecticut", etc (although i think David makes a valid point on Utah). Notice that all these states are not in the South...maybe that's why we just call them Yankees! :)
7/8. I'll give it a shot!Written by aparker0, November 03 '2006
Since my brain works like Nancy's here are my thoughts...
Vermont--Vermutians, kind of like people from Venus are called Venusians
Massachusetts--If all the men would move out of Mass. then the name of the state would work for the women who still lived there. As in, "Hi! I'm a Massachusette!"
That's all I've got for now. Enjoy!

8/8. THANK you!Written by Nancy0, November 06 '2006
Autumn, Mainiacs is BRILLIANT!

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