Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Save yourself--wear red

Original Post Date: September 18, 2006
Well, I'm back from my conference. I have to say, it was way better than I expected. First, it wasn't exactly in Morrilton--it was on the top of Mount Petit Jean, at a beautiful conference center. The rooms were nice, and the food was amazing, cooked by a real chef and served to us about every 2 hours. It was like being on a cruise, only with 12 complete strangers, and working all the time.
This weekend was nice. My grandmother came into town, and we went to see my cousin Kenneth play high school football Friday night (he plays for Russellville; they were playing at Bentonville). Bentonville creamed Russellville, which was unfortunate, but Kenneth did get to play a bit, and as a sophomore that's more than he might have expected.
Lemme see, what else about football happened this weekend? Oh yeah, we beat Vanderbilt! I know it was a close game, and our defense could have been better, and yada yada, but let me just say this. I LOVE the Razorbacks, and I am thrilled that they won. Period. I'm not going to call in to some radio show and whine about all the things that we did wrong, because I sure couldn't get out there and play.
Aaaannnnddd, while we're on the topic. My friend Kevin, who literally knows more about sports, and the Razorbacks, than anyone I have ever met, tells me that some people are calling in to radio shows asking people to wear black shirts to the Alabama game this weekend to support firing Houston Nutt. Now. I think almost everyone who knows me knows that I am, shall we say, an ardent Houston Nutt fan. I don't always agree with the calls he makes, but I think he is a good coach and a good man, and until he leaves, he is MY team's coach. I plan to stuff my pockets with small rocks for the Alabama game and pelt anyone I see wearing protest shirts. So to the schmuck who sits 4 seats down from us and spends all his time flirting with the girls behind him, I say beware!

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