Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: O Stormy Night

Original Post Date: September 25, 2006
Well, I’ll tackle the weekend day by day:
Friday. The Taylor’s anniversary party was planned for 7 PM, outside their home. At 5:45 it was pouring rain. However, by 6:15 it had stopped, so the AWESOME crew I had hired and I set up the entire party in 45 minutes. The place was packed, and it was a fantastic party. Hoewver, around 9:00, God decided to give us a taste of what folks in Noah’s time went through. I swam from tent to tent, beggin people to go inside. However, despite the fact that it was lightning all around us and we were under tents held up by METAL poles, no one budged. We had to turn the lights out and strongly urge (which may or may not include shoving politely) everyone inside. Hopefully we got some pictures of women running into the rain holding dinner plates over their heads to keep their hair from getting wet (they failed). After everyone was safely in, we risked our own lives to clean up the mess under the tents. When we were done, we looked like a large group of freakishly energetic cold drowned rats. Isn’t party planning GLAMOROUS?
Saturday was considerably better weather-wise. Matt and I headed out with Jacob and Patty around 11 to tailgate with our friends Kevin and Robin and their families before the game. We had a great time, though I squirmed a little watching their one year old son, Noah, crawl around in the dirt and mud. I do NOT look forward to having a toddler son. Abby hated being dirty, so I never had to worry about that stuff with her. I hate dirty (though you wouldn’t know it by looking at my house). The game was awesome, thanks to Alabama’s poor kicker, who had not only the worst day of his life, but perhaps the worst day in the history of mankind, ever. But whatever, we won! And I only had to pelt one guy with the small rocks I brought, and he wasn’t even wearing black—he was just a schmuck.
Sunday was the bridal fair, and we had a great turnout at Ease The Day’s booth. This should be a good season for the company—we’ll see. I look forward to more schlepping in the pouring rain for many new clients. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!
Take a look at pictures of the game, Abby’s latest getup, and E’s adorable mug here:
You’ll see two folders, Family and AR/AL Game—there are new pictures in both.

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