Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Hit me!

Original Post Date: September 20, 2006
So, last night I got rear ended. By an 18 year old. On the interstate. With Abby in the car. Yeah, not one of my better nights.
I was merging on to the freeway, and the car in front of me decided that driving on the on-ramp is an option, not a requirement, so they stopped. So, fortunately, did I, but the girl driving the car behind me lacked the same decision making abilities. Everyone involved is fine, but it was a big hassle and it scared poor Abby to death--until she found out we got our own policeman, then she was thrilled beyond words. I can just imagine what the kids at school are hearing today--"Mommy and I were in the car, and the car bumped, and a policeman camed and shined his light onto us and my mommy's car has the boo-boo!"
Anyway, I've spent all morning trying to get the insurance company's file claimed (big pain) and get a rental car (STILL can't because apparently Wal Mart has rented every car in Northwest Arkansas until this afternoon). The bumper of my car is scraping the tire, so I can't drive it. So I wait. It is not something I do well.
In other news, we have a big weekend coming up. I am coordinating a HUGE 10th anniversary party for some friends, and hopefully I'll be able to post some pics early next week. I also have a bridal fair Sunday, and Jake and Patty are coming up this weekend to go to the Alabama game with us (they will NOT be wearing black). Should be a great weekend, if I can keep people from smacking into me on the road.

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