Thursday, January 25, 2007

PF Chang's is going to want to hire me now!

My little boy turns one today. What an amazing little man I have. Great, here come the tears again.

On to the fun stuff! Last week, I got a call from a very nice, very excited man that I'll call Steve. Steve told me that he and his wife of 10 years, we'll call her Christi, had eloped and had always talked about having a real wedding someday. Well, he wanted to give her the chance to have that wedding, and he wanted the presentation to be, let's say, grandiose. For that he needed my help.

So. Saturday night, after the bridal fair, I made my way up to PF Chang's. For those of you who don't know, PF Chang's is an excellent restaurant--one of my favorites--and it opened in Rogers not too long ago. At any rate, Steve was bringing Christi to dinner for their anniversary at precisely 5:30. We had met on Thursday to set up all the details, so I went straight to my job when I got there. I found the manager, who introduced me to Steve and Christi's waiter for the evening, I shall call him Kyle (partly to maintain anonymity and partly because I can't remember his real name). Kyle showed me the ins and outs of being a PF Chang's server, including mixing the little tray of sauces they bring out (which I never even use when I eat there). When Steve and Christi arrived, I approached the table. I was wearing the required black shirt and pants, a PF Chang's apron, and carried an order pad in my hand. I introduced myself as their server, made small talk and took their drink orders. I even MADE the PF Chang's sauce at their table. BY MYSELF. I rocked--she suspected nothing.

Then, as I hovered by the kitchen door spying, Steve dropped to one knee in front of the whole place and re-proposed, with a NEW RING. As soon as he was done, I ran over and acted all excited that they had gotten engaged. Then I mentioned that I own a wedding planning company. Then I said, "Actually, Christi, I'm not a waitress at all. I'm the wedding planner your husband has hired to help with the surprise and to help you plan your dream wedding." I am telling you, I just about started crying into their spring rolls, her reaction was so adorable. My friend Autumn, who helps me with weddings, was there too to get some photos of them, and we ended up talking with them for a long time. They are a great couple and this is going to be a fun wedding.

Clearly, being a part of such an event was thrilling, but I have to admit, I was equally excited to be a waitress at PF Chang's. The experience didn't let me down. Once the rest of the staff figured out who I was (and it took a few embarrassing moments to get there) everyone was wonderful to me, and I got to go back in the kitchen and everything. Now I can add server for fine Asian dining to my resume!

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