Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: You say spite, I say Merry Christmas!

Original Post Date: December 15, 2006
Well, the gauntlet has been thrown. Some of the female members of Matt’s family throw an ornament exchange party every December. Matt’s mom always goes, but I never know about them. When I asked her why I’m not invited, she said it’s because you have to make the ornaments. Does this imply I am not capable of making ornaments? I’m sure she meant nothing of the sort.
But. Just in case.
The party is tonight, which I was told with scarcely 2 days’ notice (when I commented that it wasn’t much time to make 20 ornaments, I was told I wasn’t really expected to bring any, anyway). However, I am never one to cower from a challenge. In fact, I’m more the type to run headfirst towards a challenge and jump smack into the middle of it. So, first thing yesterday morning, I was on the Internet looking for ideas and then at Hobby Lobby purchasing supplies. Thanks to the extreme coolness of my boss, who understands such things, I have been able to get the ornaments done at work. I must admit, I have had quite a bit of help from my awesome co-workers, who immediately realized the importance of my success. That is, except for Jeff, who can’t understand why I want to go to the party at all and calls our creations “Spite Ornaments”. Men.
Pictures and party summary to follow—wish me luck!
PS. Responding to Sarah’s comment on my previous post—bring it on! Or, we could team up together and play against all the rest of UGPO!

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