Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Like mother, like daughter

Original Post Date: November 18, 2006
San Antonio, here I am! Matt and I are on vacation for a long weekend to celebrate turning 30. We came with our good friends, Kevin and Robin. Currently, we’re in our hotel room listening to the Mississippi State game on our computer. We’re enjoying the town—the Riverwalk is really nice, and there’s lots of good shopping and food. My big purchase thus far is a pair of Croc Mary Janes—I’m quite excited.
Before we left, Abby asked her daddy where we were going. When he told her San Antonio, she said, “Well, does San Antonio have shoes?” He told her that they do, and then she said, “Theeeennnnn, they probably have dresses. I want a dress from San Antonio!” That’s one sharp kid I’ve got. We got her a little white Mexican dress—the kind with the full skirt and the off the shoulder sleeves. She’ll be a lovely little senorita.
Tomorrow we’re off to Sea World. I plan to ride all the roller coasters and chat it up with Shamu. Maybe some penguins too.
Well, I’m now back to finish the post. I had to stop writing because while I was typing Mississippi State almost scored, so according to Kevin my blogging was bad luck. Now that we have safely secured our victory, I’m allowed to resume. Whatever.
Thanks to my friend Sarah, who put me in touch with her family that lives here and gave us some great recommendations for restaurants. We’re having a great time—wish you all could join us! (Not really, it takes forever to get a big table at these places).
By the way, GO HOGS! Atlanta, here we come!

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