Friday, January 12, 2007

Archived: Pumpkin day

Original Post Date: October 16, 2006

Saturday was one of the best days I can remember having in a long time. As I mentioned, we sold our tickets to the Razorback game since we didn’t have anyone to watch the kids. It ended up being the luckiest thing that could have happened.
Ever since Abby was born, I have wanted to take her to a pumpkin patch. However, October is always so busy for us, and we never seem to have time to go. I decided that if we weren’t going to the game, then by GOSH we were going to a pumpkin patch. We got up Saturday to a beautiful day—one of those days that makes you think Northwest Arkansas is the only place on the planet anyone would ever want to live. We headed out to a pumpkin patch, where we met up with some friends from church. Chad and Marla have Audrey, who is 3 weeks younger than Abby, and Avery, who is 3 weeks older than Ethan. People have asked us if we planned this, which Marla and I think is hilarious—don’t all good friends try to sync up their reproduction?? We also saw Michelle and Chris, whose son Jacob is 4 and therefore an exciting “older man” for Abby to hang out with. The place was fantastic. There was a hayride, a maze, and of course a huge pumpkin patch with every size and shape of pumpkin imaginable. The kids had a great time and we got lots of cute pictures. To see some pictures of the pumpkin patch adventure and Abby with Mr. Bob’s beloved donkey, go here:
Abby and Audrey were quite distressed to be separated afterwards, so we invited Audrey over for a playdate that evening. Neither of the girls had done this before, so Marla and I were a little worried that they might fight, but they were angels. Once they established that Abby was the Queen and Audrey was the Princess it was smooth sailing. We played hopscotch in the driveway and the girls treated the entire neighborhood to a top-of-their-lungs rendition of their new favorite song, My God is so BIG.
I know people read this blog for my sassy wit and not my sentimental ramblings on life, but I do have to get sappy for a minute. When we were in the driveway Saturday evening, we were taking turns lying on the concrete and having our outlines drawn in sidewalk chalk (no telling what our paperboy thought the next morning). When I laid down for my turn, I stared up at the blue sky and listened to my amazing daughter giggle with her friend. I could just see the edge of the roof of my wonderful home, where inside my sweet husband was giving my precious baby boy a bath. All my blessings just swept over me. My life is brilliant, and I'm lucky to have it.

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